Participating vendors see an increase in sales!

Last year vendors who participated in the Virtual RoadShow saw an increase ranging from 9% to 17% on average vs. non-participating vendors.

For our third consecutive year, 21st Century Distributing is hosting our Virtual RoadShow from October 19th to October 21st.
Even though Covid is finally subsiding, and our industry is getting back to in-person events, we feel we still have the perfect formula for the most cost-effective, productive, and beneficial way to treat our customers to a unique and rewarding experience, while also giving our vendors the highest return on their investment.

Unlike our in-person events in the past, the virtual experience concentrates the entire show into a three-day event drawing in more attendees, giving away more raffle prizes, and allowing for a more in-depth training experience than years past.
Not to mention that now with six branches in our territory, vendor costs are substantially reduced vs. in-person events, but the benefits of our unique format still reap the benefits on an on-site event.
    Virtual RoadShow Higlights:
  • No travel costs!
  • No hotel costs!
  • No meal expenses!
  • 3-day commitment vs. 12 to 18 day commitment.

This year we've made it simple. Just choose your sponsorship level, and receive all the benefits of that level. With the exception of providing additional raffle prizes to increase dealer participation, and get your products into the hands of your most valuable customers, there's nothing more to worry about.
We'll contact you regarding booth design, desired training time slots and any additional information we need to provide our dealers, your customers with the best Virtual RoadShow experience to date!


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