Custom Web Development
You now have the ability to link to the product pages on our site.
With a little Web page design knowlege, and a few pieces of information from our product database, you can automatcally generate custom product sheets that you can print, or email for your customers.

Each night, our servers generate a complete product listing - you can download it as either a comma separated file, or an Excel file:
Excel File
CSV File

Using the Item code, it's simple to create a link to our pintable product page.

First, you'll have the page address:

Then add a '?pn=' plus the Item code - Example: ?pn=CHP2212

Now, you'll add your customer number, the MSRP, MAP, and Your Pricing Information

First, add '&d='
Second, add your customer number plus 'a': a
Then a 1 for no MSRP, or a 2 to print the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price - if available)
Now, add 1 for no MAP, or a 2 to print the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price - if available)

Finally, your price.
To try to keep end customers from setting their own price on the form, you'll need to do a little math.
First, multiply your price by 3.141592 (pi) - Example 12.00 x 3.14592 = 37.966104
Now Multiply that by 100,000 - 37.966104 x 100000 = 3769910.4
So now you'll add something like: &d= a213769910.4
(Note: for no "Our Price" just specify "0")
For a final result of: a213769910.4